Sensitivity Reading

People with misconceptions about marginalized experiences regulate those lives from those misconceptions. We aim to increase representation of underrepresented communities by providing our expertise to authors who don’t experience these things so that they can write about the experiences authentically and respectfully.

Areas We Cover

A woman in a wheelchair working at a table with another woman

Chronic Illness/Disability

Experiences include: Fibromyalgia, Functional Neurological Disorder, Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes, Premenstrual Dysphoria Disorder, using a cane, using a wheelchair, and Tendonitis.


Experiences include: late ADHD diagnosis, ADHD after hysterectomy, and ADHD in women

A painted head surrounded by squiggly pipe cleaners and flower stickers with the letters ADHD over the head in magnetic letters
A woman in a wheelchair working at a table with another woman


Experiences include: 


Experiences include: demisexuality, asexuality

Asexuality Pride Flag
the word autism cut out of paper surrounded by paper clouds and a paper rainbow with a set of watercolors at the bottom and chalk near the top


Experiences include: self diagnosis, parenting an autistic child, late diagnosis of autism

Abuse Survivor

Experiences include: emotional abuse, sexual assault

A woman holding her hand over her mouth with the words "Silence is violence" written on her hand
a woman holding her forhead with one hand with the other hand outstretched looking overwhelmed surrounded by snippets of words related to stress


Experiences include: obsessive-compulsive disorder with ADHD, obsessive-compulsive disorder with autism


Experiences include generalized anxiety, panic attacks, anxiety attacks

a black and white picture of a woman nervously chewing on her finger nails
a set of hands over a broken paper heart with other broken paper hearts around a picture with a couple

Complex PTSD and PTSD

Experiences include emotional flashbacks, visual flashbacks, physical symptoms of trauma


Experiences include 

The bisexual flag
A woman with a pearl ring using Rider Waite Cards to do a tarot reading holding up the sun card


Experiences include personal tarot reading, reading tarot for friends.

Strong Religious Culture

Experiences include growing up in the Mormon faith, growing up in the Luthern faith, living in a Mormon dominated culture

The bisexual flag
A woman working on a computer with various github stickers on the back

Being A Woman In Tech/Gaming Spaces

Experiences include working on open source software, playing MMORPGs, writing in the TTRPG space