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One Story

 at a Time

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Independent Press for Independent Artists

We are writers trailblazing our own way in the industry. Our mission is to bleed empathy into everything we do. Here, we focus on stories of hope in the face of adversity, acceptance in a world of judgement, and pride in diversity.


Our mission is to give a voice to authors of fiction that is not as widely produced in the mainstream. We seek stories of hope, love and growth surrounding non-traditional lifestyles.


Genres we prefer are Fantasy/sci-fi, romance, mystery, creative non-fiction, and literary fiction. Please check our submissions page for information on our process, and if we are currently accepting stories.

Sensitivity Reading

Our unique experiences in life make us each expert in the ability to assist authors with their stories that depict taboo subjects. We can assist you through tough scenes, taboo topics and writing the other.  

A wooden sign with rainbow colors that says, "In this house we believe, black lives matter, science is real, love is love, kindness is everything, feminism is for everyone, no human is illegal"

Staff Picks

Books we love that illustrate what we are trying to create. Each is an affiliate hyperlink to the book on Amazon so you can support these amazing authors.

A brunette woman holding behind the head of a blonde woman as if they are about to kiss with the title Her Elysium under the pair and the author's name Emmy Engberts

Her Elysium

Emmy Engberts

ADHD Gamer Lesbian Romance

Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking The Stress Cycle

Emily Nagosli & Amelia Nagoski

Creative Non-fiction Self Help Book about navigating the societal expectations of being deemed “female”

A woman with a laptop leaning off the side of a beach chair with her legs up with the title of the book Chillpreneur above her feet and the author's name Denise Duffield Thomas below her head

Chill and Prosper

Denise Duffield-Thomas

Creative Non-fiction Business Self Help Book about Shifting Common Mindsets in Women about Running Your Business


Jerry Spinelli

Young Adult Fiction about Learning to Embrace Yourself Completely