Spoonie Writers Gift Guide: Small Electronics

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Headphones are a required tool in the spoonie author’s arsenal. Noise-canceling, wireless, great sound, and comfort are the most critical aspects for a spoonie writer. Every spoonie is different in their tolerance of headphones too. Most can’t agree on one set that is the best spoonie item. One of us struggles with pain when wearing traditional earbuds. At the same time, the other cannot tolerate over-the-ear headphones.

Apple’s AirPods are on this list for several reasons. The biggest reason is compatibility with all of the apple products we have already suggested. In addition, they have best-in-class sound.
If you have the funds to make this jump, it is highly recommended by the Spoonie writers here at Miss Geek Bunny.

The Bose 700 are the best noise-canceling over-the-hear headphones we have ever tested. When I put these on, its like my own personal sensory deprivation chamber. And my music fills my mind with clarity and crisp sound. These are a must-have for spoonie writers for the simple fact that distractions are a spoonies nemesis. With these, audio distractions are virtually eliminated.

The Raycon Everyday earbuds are on our list as the budget must-have in this category. Raycons comfort and affordability make them some of the best earbuds on the market.
Spoonies can have sensory issues with headphones of any kind, and our writers are no different.

Keyboard and Mouse

Keyboards and mice are also going to depend on your spoonie. Some of us need the tactile sound of a keyboard to make us feel productive, while others cannot handle the sound of their typing. Many of us do enjoy mechanical keyboards. We suggest purchasing a keyboard with the option to upgrade switches. Different switches create different sounds. Some are quiet and gentle, while others are clacky and oh-so-satisfying.
The mouse can be very similar; some enjoy having a mouse with many programmable buttons for gaming and writing. At the same time, others want simple and ergonomic.
Below are our picks for must-have gadgets in this category.

The Keychron is the most versatile keyboard on this list. This keyboard can be wired or Bluetooth; it can adapt to windows or macOS; you can purchase different switches to determine what sound the mechanical keyboard makes. In addition, keycaps can personalize and customize the keyboard.

Like the Keychron, the Razer Naga Pro V2 is a versatile programmable mouse with more bells and whistles than most computers. This mouse comes with three side button attachments so your spoonie can decide what mouse they want to use for different functions. And because you can program this mouse, those buttons can do anything your keyboard can do.

If your spoonie is visual and loves everything cute, this set is for you. While not as versatile as the others on this list, the Logi Pop is still mechanical and much smaller for ease of packing for conferences or writing outside the home.


Whichever wearable you choose for your spoonie, they are indeed one of our best tools. They help us stay on track with our health, goals, and time. With reminders to move, breathing exercises, water intake reminders, and many other tools for the spoonie, a wearable smart device makes sense.

Other Electronics

2022 HUION Kamvas Pro 13

If your creative spoonie loves using their devices as an extension of their art, then your spoonie needs this writing/drawing tablet.

mooas Multi-Hexagon Clock Timer

A timer is a much-needed device for any spoonie. Sure there are timers on your phone, microwave, watch, and other places, but having a dedicated device to help you with your Pomodoro is a game changer.

Well there is our list of small electronics for your spoonie wrtiers gift list. As with any of these lists, these are the items that work well for us and our peers and not every device we list will be perfect for your spoonie. It takes a lot of trial and error to find the right arsenal of items.