We will share our large must-have gadgets for the spoonie writer, so buckle up and prepare to get a glimpse into our process.

Apple MacBook Pro
13 Inch M1
Apple MacBook Pro
16 inch M1

Few brands can compete with Apple’s brand compatibility features. Between phones, watches, tablets, and laptops, you can be sure your spoonie writer will have all their data bundled neatly together.
It makes a spoonie happy when everything works as one, and all of the things talk to each other with little to no effort on the spoonies part.
That is why the Macbooks are on this list. A favorite of global artists, creative types tend to gravitate toward these computers.
They are all-in-one machines with excellent computing speed and state-of-the-art features. If your spoonie loves to game, you can be sure the MacBook will deliver both gaming and writing goodness.

We couldn’t hype up the MacBooks without sharing our love of the IPad. They work well together, and the iPad can also operate as a second screen for the MacBook. If you opt for a 5g model, you can automatically use the IPad’s connection as a hotspot—no need to worry about sketchy coffee shop wifi. You can always be connected.
Remember that an iPad’s versatility makes it stand out in the tablet world, including Apple Exclusive applications that are game changers for digital planning and notetaking. The IPad is a must-have for your spoonie.

Apple IPad Mini 
Apple IPad Pro 
11 Inch

But wait, there’s more! I promise we are in no way sponsored by, have affiliations with, or are paid by Apple to write this. Still, the apple products listed here are sold through Amazon, which will pay us a small commission for every purchase. These help support our cause to get more spoonie authors published. So thank you!

And, of course, you can’t have these must-have devices without their must-have accessories. 

for iPad Pro 11 Inch
Apple Pencil 2nd Gen
MOFT Tablet Stand -Pink
Compatible with New iPad Mini 2021, iPad Pro 11
Apple Pencil 1st Gen

Bonus Device! Since these are brand new this year, we couldnt leave them out. The new MacBook air with M2 chip has insane battery life, and is one of the lightest Macbooks in their lineup.

This is on our spoonie must have list for several reasons, because it is light it is very portable to bring along to write ins, a coffee shop, or on a flight. Also because of its magnificent battery life, you do not have to worry about packing a charger with you, which is great because spoonies are notorious for leaveing things like that behind.

Aplle MacBook Air 2022

A word of caution, a buyer-beware if you will. Please double, no, TRIPLE check for version compatibility. There’s nothing worse than giving that perfect gift only to discover it was the wrong size or generation for the device it is intended.

That’s it for this list! I hope you found something unique for your spoonie here today. Please check with us next week when I break down our must-have peripheral devices.